Is Your Smartphone Not Smart For Your Wrist?

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Atlanta GA Carpal Tunnel TreatmentSmartphones are everywhere. You can spot them being held and viewed almost everywhere. Nowadays, you can walk into a restaurant and instead of the ‘buzz’ being conversations among people, the ‘buzz’ has become the vibrations of notifications on phones. Smart phones have positively increased our ability to communicate, work and stay connected, but there are some harmful negative effects to all of its usage.

One harmful effect of smartphone use is its ability to injure your wrists, if it’s not held properly. You quite possibly are holding your phone as you read and scroll through this blog. Take a look at your wrist. Do you notice how it’s tilted and kinked? This position, held for long periods of time can cause injury to your wrist and even cause carpal tunnel.

You also are stretching your thumbs across your thin screen in order to reach the entire face of your smartphone screen. This stretching will stress your tendons in your hand and cause damage and injury over time.

To avoid injury to your wrist, hand or fingers take time to evaluate how you’re holding and using your smart phone.

  • Check that your wrist and elbow are as straight as possible to avoid cutting off sufficient blood flow.
  • Avoid long periods of smartphone usage. Take breaks, set it down and give it a rest.
  • Stretch your hand and wrist muscles and tendons every once in awhile.
  • There are supports you can wear if you need to use your smartphone for long periods of time.

If you are experiencing pain or an injury to your wrist due to smartphone use, or any other wrist injury, book your appointment with Sovereign Rehabilitation today. We are Atlanta’s hand therapy specialists.

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