Jill Jacobs, PT

Primary Facility: Dunwoody, GA
Phone: phone number(404) 835-3340
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Chief Operating Officer

Jill Jacobs, PT

A physical therapist for nearly 30 years, Jill Jacobs has played a key role in developing and managing physical therapy organizations, leveraging her ability to build strong relationships with patients, providers, and therapists.

As a practitioner, Jill has a broad range of clinical skills and specialized training. Her areas of expertise include Paris Manual Therapy techniques, Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCEs), and Impairment Rating Calculations (IRCs). She has also published on the subject of tennis elbow.

In 1987, Jill was a physical therapist at one of the PT centers started by Sovereign Rehabilitation founder and president, Alan Grodin. There she provided outpatient services for the treatment of sports-related conditions and overall health improvement. Subsequently, working for a publicly-held national rehabilitation company, Jacobs would eventually oversee the operation and finances of 26 clinics in the Georgia region, and have primary responsibility for the recruitment and development of professional staff.

Jill assisted Alan in opening Sovereign in 2007. As Chief Operating Officer, she provides strategic planning and management for patient care, overall practice marketing, and the development of targeted therapeutic programs such as workplace solutions, and women’s health. Jill also takes the lead in quality control, use of best practices, and ongoing process improvement in every facility within Sovereign’s clinical network.