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Atlanta Physical TherapistsArthritis affects millions of Americans each year. Young and old, all ages, ethnicities, social classes, male, and female can be diagnosed with arthritis. Arthritis is the inflammation of one or more joints. The main symptoms of arthritis are joint pain and stiffness, and these symptoms can keep many people from enjoying many activities. At Sovereign Rehabilitation, our certified manual and physical therapists work with patients who have arthritis in order to keep them active and enjoying a healthy lifestyle.

One of the best treatments for arthritis is to keep on moving. As the old adage goes, “A body in motion tends to stay in motion, but a body at rest tends to stay at rest.” Knee, spinal, hip, and ankle joints are all covered in synovial fluid. Movement maintains healthy joints through lubrication from this synovial fluid. Most arthritic conditions can worsen with inactivity. The lack of motion stagnates the joints and creates more stiffness and immobility. Therefore, if a person who has arthritis of the knee does not walk as a means of exercise for at least fifteen minutes per day, the knee will stiffen and it will only become more and more difficult for that person to walk at all. On top of that, inactivity goes hand-in-hand with a sedentary lifestyle that can in turn cause and/or exacerbate other health issues such as cardiac disease.

It is a great idea to move in a variety of ways. At Sovereign Rehabilitation, we specialize in aquatic therapy as a means to treat arthritis. Joints move more fluidly in water allowing for relief from arthritic pain. The therapists at Sovereign Rehabilitation want our patients to keep on moving, and we will work with each patient individually to find the best method and frequency of therapy. Contact us today so that you can keep on moving tomorrow!

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