Lifting Spirits and Heavy Objects – Do It Correctly

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Back Pain Atlanta GADecember 2020 is bound to be different from previous years thanks to the pandemic. Even though there will be changes made in the ways we prepare and celebrate, some things will remain the same. Presumably, decorating and gift giving will continue, although even those activities may come with some changes.

Avoiding Holiday Back Problems

This time of year between climbing ladders, moving furniture and heavy gifts, the opportunity for you to hurt your back is greater than at other times of year. Lifting heavy objects incorrectly puts you in a high-risk category for back strain. Learning how to lift and move correctly will lower your risk and help you have a safer, more enjoyable holiday season.

The average person has no clue as to the amount of pressure your back actually endures when you bend over to lift a heavy object. Even a ten-pound box can put as much as 100 pounds of pressure on your lower back if lifted incorrectly. That does not even include the weight of your upper body that is also being lifted at the same time.

When moving or unloading items, it is not unusual for people to lift and twist; however, that motion is perfect for putting strain on the back muscles and could lead to serious damage if the object lifted is heavy enough.

Correct Lifting Strategies

Practice these tips for lifting heavy objects correctly and you will avoid straining your back muscles.

  • Get as close to the object as you can before you begin to lift.
  • Next, provide a good support base by spreading your feet; they should be about shoulders width apart before you lift.
  • Squat down without bending at the waist and tighten your abs. Now you are in position to lift.
  • Lift the object using your hips and legs, not your back muscles. Avoid bending forward and keep the object close to your body.

Keep these same motions in play when you put the object down. If you need to turn, avoid twisting. Instead, move your feet in the direction you need to go and turn your entire body. Twisting at the waist to move the object could herniate a disc or injure a ligament.

When it comes to lifting spirits, start with a smile! Even in the dreariest circumstances, a sincere smile does an immense amount of good to brighten the mood.
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