Lumbar Support at Your Workstation

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Working at a Desk Atlanta GA When you spend hours sitting every day, you could be doing damage to your spine unless it is properly supported. Long periods of sitting subjects the spine to large amounts of pressure. Your muscles and spinal discs are affected by this stress. Most individuals also have a habit of sitting hunched forward when they work. This position also adds more pressure to the spinal discs. Additionally, it may over-stretch spinal ligaments.

Low Back Support

Your lumbar vertebrae are located in the lower back. This area seems to suffer the most from lack of support. Fortunately, many places of employment are aware of the importance of ergonomics. These companies take measures to ensure employees have workstations that are ergonomically sound. It is a good business practice, since back problems can reduce productivity.

A good ergonomic chair will support your lumbar region. The back will angle up to 90 degrees or slightly past that. The cushioning of the chair will push your back forward as you sit. The lower part will have support for your lumbar area to help you sit up straight and minimize the pressure on your back.

Posture Perfect

An ergonomic chair will not be of much use if it is not used properly. Your chair may have everything needed to give your back the proper support, but if you are not sitting in it correctly to take advantage of the supports, then it cannot do its job. Make sure you are sitting back in the chair and not on the edge. Avoid slouching. Poor posture causes extra pressure to be placed on the lumbar discs.

Sitting is not the only way to work anymore. Some workstations have desks that can be raised so the worker can stand while working. Alternating between sitting and standing helps reduce the strain put on back muscles and discs. Good posture is important during the time you are standing, also.

If you are experiencing lower back pain, you may need physical therapy. The right exercises and learning how to make your workstation healthier for your lower back can eliminate the discomfort. Strengthening your back and learning the proper position for desk work can help keep lower back pain from ruining your day.

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