March Madness And Protecting You From The Most Common Basketball Injuries

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Atlanta GA Sports Injury RehabilitationHow are your brackets doing this year? Are you still in the running for first place in your office? Perhaps all this basketball watching has inspired you and some friends or coworkers to step out onto the court for a little basketball action to enjoy as well. If this is the case, you need to be aware that, as with any sport, basketball can cause a sports injury.

There are three common basketball injuries. If you’re thinking about stepping out onto the court, why not consider ways to protect yourself from injury.

Injury To Your Foot Or Ankle

The quick movements on the relatively small basketball court can cause several types on foot or ankle injuries. Rolled ankles are common as well as getting your foot stepped on or getting hit accidentally in a scramble for the ball. Footwear is one key to prevention when it comes to playing basketball. Basketball shoes typically support your ankles more securely and have proper grip on the bottom to prevent slipping.

Injury To Your Knees

Knee sprains and strains are common in the sport of basketball. ACL tears are not as common, but they still occur. The best way to prevent knee injuries is to maintain strong leg muscles to support your knees. It’s also important to stretch before the big game and wear a knee brace if you are prone to knee injury.

Injury To Your Thighs or Hips

Think of all of the quick and sudden movements required for basketball. All of the pivots, sprints, jumps and rebounds require a tremendous amount of strain to your legs and hips. The best way to prevent injury to your thighs and hips is to keep them stretched out before and after playing.

If you are looking for effective treatment for your sports related injury, contact Sovereign Rehabilitation. While we can’t help you win your March Madness brackets, we can make life feel better!

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