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Atlanta Osteoporosis TreatmentOsteoporosis causes bones to become brittle and break easily. Those with severe osteoporosis are likely to fracture a bone from a fall or even mild stresses such as coughing or bending over. While there is no reversal once osteoporosis develops, there are different methods of treatment that can help patients prevent many common injuries from having brittle bones. Many people with osteoporosis fear that they are going to fracture a bone from simple daily tasks. At Sovereign Rehabilitation, we are here to help patients improve their quality of life without fear of injury.

Osteoporosis occurs when the bone mass within a person’s body does not rebuild itself progressively or when too much bone mass is broken down. Bones without adequate mass break easily – many like a porcelain doll. The physical therapists at Sovereign Rehabilitation work with our patients on preventing bone loss and strengthening already weak bones through a variety of exercises and interventions. Correct body posture goes a long way in protecting the spine from injury and further bone loss; transferring positions correcting from standing to sitting or from lying down and rising can prevent injury; specific exercises done to strengthen the postural muscles, legs, back, and hip as well as exercises to improve balance and walking ability can be extremely useful in preventing injury. As a part of our comprehensive osteoporosis rehabilitation program, our therapists will employ these physical therapy interventions and more as a means to help patients develop preventative measures against injury.

If you are looking for a comprehensive osteoporosis rehabilitation program, contact on of our Atlanta area locations. Sovereign Rehabilitation is dedicated to helping you find the means necessary to live your best life.

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