Overcoming Scoliosis Using the Schroth Method

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Schroth Method Doctors in Atlanta GA Many people living with scoliosis don’t often have to deal with severe physical limitations, as the curve works to correct itself. However, if the curve in their spine worsens over time, both children and adults may have to grapple with several physical challenges, including:

  • walking with a limp, or awkward gait
  • walking at a slower pace
  • severe scoliosis in the upper part of the spine can impact the lungs and the person’s ability to breathe
  • poor posture and body alignment due to compensation

Traditional methods of intervention, including bracing and surgery, aren’t comprehensive, and they can be painful. They are also typically only recommended for people with severe degrees of spine curvature, and aren’t always suitable for an aging population.

That’s why Sovereign Rehabilitation has chosen to become a leading provider of treatment and rehabilitation programs using the Schroth Method for scoliosis. This three-dimensional approach can be beneficial to both kids and adults living with scoliosis. This method also takes into account a more complete picture of your overall health and ability that traditional treatments.

How It Works

The Schroth Method works to elongate the trunk of the body, and realign the pelvis and the spine through adaptive stretching, breathing, and muscle strengthening, in the process also correcting posture and correcting, preventing, and stopping further spine curvature. The exercises are designed to help develop the inner muscles of the rib cage, changing the shape of the upper trunk of the body, and de-rotating the spine.

The Schroth Method can also help you fight spinal pain, treat any existing respiratory dysfunction caused by scoliosis, and improve the overall appearance of the body.

Our licensed Schroth therapists can help put together a rehabilitation program that includes targeted stretching, strengthening, and breathing exercises specific to your age, degree of curvature, and ability. Our goal is to help make your daily activities easier, make sure you remain physically independent, and improve your overall quality of life.

Learn more about the Schroth Method, including whether or not it’s right for you, by chatting with one of our licensed therapists today!

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