Physical Therapy After Breast Surgery

Physical Therapy Atlanta GA There are several situations in which a woman may need or desire to have breast surgery. Surgery for breast cancer is one of the most common reasons. The treatments for breast cancer can be very effective; however, they can also leave nerves damaged. Swelling and soreness are common with all types of breast surgery.

Resolving the Symptoms of Breast Surgery

Regardless of the type of breast surgery you experience, your ability to move your shoulder and arm may be affected. You may also have some discomfort when attempting daily activities. Even deep breathing may be uncomfortable. You can expect to have pain and stiffness that may limit movement of your arm and shoulder and cause weakness. Even though you may face these challenges, the proper rehabilitation can make a big difference and ease your discomfort.

At first it may seem as though you will not be able to resume doing some of the things you took for granted, like swimming or playing tennis. Even personal care like getting dressed or doing your hair can feel like daunting tasks. Fortunately, physical therapy can help resolve the symptoms related to movement and stiffness and help you get your abilities back.

Improvement Through Exercise

Your physical therapist will help you resume normal living. The exercises recommended by your therapist are designed to help reduce the swelling you may experience after surgery, as well as increase your range of motion. You should also feel more energized.

When you are given the green light on exercising, make it a priority. It will provide you with many benefits, including a better prognosis if you have experienced breast cancer. Research on women who have undergone breast cancer surgery shows that those who exercise increase their survival rate as much as 40% over those who do not.

Comprehensive Physical Therapy

Your physical therapy program may include manual techniques developed to improve mobility and circulation. Scars from the surgery can cause discomfort and a comprehensive physical therapy program addresses these issues. Massage and desensitization techniques may be part of the therapy.

Your posture has a great impact on your mobility and strength. Physical therapy helps improve posture and strengthen the core muscles that support your back. Exercises to strengthen muscles in the neck, shoulders, chest and abdomen are also part of breast surgery rehabilitation.

If you have had or will have breast surgery, it is important to contact a reputable doctor or rehabilitation clinic to help ensure a good recovery and minimize the physical limitations that can occur. Physical therapy after breast surgery will help you recover faster, stronger and healthier.


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