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Atlanta Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Treatment SpecialistsMultiple sclerosis is an inflammatory disease in which the insulating covers of nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord are damaged. This damage disrupts the ability of parts of the nervous system to communicate, resulting in many physical problems. Much research has shown that physical therapy can ease many symptoms associated with Multiple Sclerosis to help people function and move around better. At Sovereign Rehabilitation we are proud to offer expert treatment for patients who suffer from debilitating symptoms of multiple sclerosis. Our licensed and talented therapists are dedicated to helping patients achieve improved function and a better overall quality of life.

When working with therapists at Sovereign Rehabilitation we have specific goals to help patients learn exercises that will help them work around fatigue, better manage ways to move, and how to manage times when flare-ups occur. Our physical therapists can help patients with balance, coordination, fatigue, pain, weakness, range of motion, strategies to conserve energy, and how to prevent falls. We work with all of our patients on an individualized basis that match the strength and goals of each patient. At Sovereign Rehabilitation all of our physical therapists are qualified and highly compassionate, and we will partner with all of our patients and their physicians to develop and implement a comprehensive physical therapy and wellness program for their personal goals.

If you have been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis or are looking for ways to manage your pain and symptoms, please contact Sovereign Rehabilitation today. Our therapists are experts and are highly trained to treat patients with symptoms specific to MS. At Sovereign Rehabilitation, we make life feel better! Please call and schedule an appointment so that we can serve you.

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