Pinched Nerve

Atlanta Pinched Nerve TreatmentNerves travel from the brain and spinal cord to send important messages to all areas of the body. A pinched nerve (a nerve compression) sends the message that the nerve is damaged — and the most often signal of this message is pain. Damage from a pinched nerve can be mild to severe. It can cause temporary or long lasting problems. Any warning signal from a pinched nerve should not be ignored. The earlier treatment for a pinched nerve is given, the more quickly a person will find relief.

Many people damage their nerves from repetitive motions. These may be a result from work or recreational activities. Pinched nerves can also be a result from holding the body in one position for long periods of time (e.g. standing to cut hair all day, arms bent to type at a computer). Nerves are most vulnerable at places in the body where they must travel through narrow spaces. Because all nerves work in a circuit system throughout the body, a damaged nerve in one place may send pain signals to various areas of the body. For instance, a pinched nerve in the neck can cause pain in the shoulder, elbow, hand, wrist, and lower back.

At Sovereign Rehabilitation, our licensed certified manual therapists offer a comprehensive rehabilitation treatment to help patients achieve long term pain relief from pinched nerves. We help them have improved function in their movements and a better quality of life. We offer individualized, effective treatment for patients suffering from pinched nerves. We are dedicated to helping our patients feel better so that they are able to enjoy life and get back to their activities.

Posted on behalf of Alan Grodin, PT, MTC, Sovereign Rehabilitation

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