Pregnancy and Physical Therapy

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Atlanta GA Physical Therapy & RehabilitationThere are few things more thrilling than expecting a little one. Being a mommy-to-be is filled is with joy and excitement and planning with friends, family, and loved ones.

But pregnancy isn’t always smooth sailing. It comes with a specific set of aches and pains that can take a serious toll on your body. Some of the most common aches associated with expecting a new little bundle are back pain and sciatica. These are often caused by your newly shifting center of gravity, and they can weaken your abs, interfere with good posture, and put painful strain on back muscles. These types of pain also make a pregnant woman more susceptible to injury, sending you to the bed or couch for hours at a time.

And as an expectant mom, we understand that you definitely don’t have time to be sidelined.

The specialized physical therapists here at Sovereign Rehabilitation are committed to helping you feel your best all throughout your pregnancy. We cater our programs to your specific needs, utilizing soothing stretches that strengthen weak muscles, soft tissue mobilization techniques to increase circulation and reduce pain, and even offer tips for restoring your energy while at home or at work.

Don’t let pain and tension take away from the true joys of being pregnant. Give the women’s health specialists at Sovereign Rehabilitation a call today.

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