Pregnant Women Can’t Wear Belts, Or Can They?

Atlanta GA Physical Therapy and PregnancyIf you’re pregnant, you know that fitting into your cute pants as long as you can is top priority. Have you tried the rubber band trick where you can avoid buttoning your top button on your favorite jeans to avoid fastening? It works for a time, but eventually maternity clothes are inevitable.

The thought of needing a belt to help hold anything up during pregnancy is almost comical. However, there is a type of therapeutic belt that can be used as a support for you to help you carry your child or children more comfortably and prevent lower back pain during your pregnancy.

How Does A Pregnancy Belt Work?

A pregnancy belt can help you reduce the pressure and fatigue your back is dealing with during pregnancy. As your belly increases in size and weight your back has much more work to do to support your baby. It is worn over and under your belly and it wraps around to your lower back. It reduces the amount of work on your mid and lower back.

Why Would You Want A Pregnancy Belt?

Not only does a pregnancy belt help avoid back pain; it can also help you stand up straight and have good posture. Good posture also helps reduce overall body aches and pains during your pregnancy. The pregnancy belt also helps relieve the fatigue and pain that your hormones are causing as they relax your tendons, ligaments and joints.

Sovereign Rehabilitation is pleased to offer you a full array of therapeutic belts and supports for you if you are pregnant. Contact us today to get more information about our pregnancy services or to schedule an appointment.

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