Preventing Backyard Football Injuries

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Atlanta GA Sports Injury TherapyAfter the plates are cleared and before the Thursday night football game comes on TV, another Thanksgiving tradition often takes place in backyards all across the country – the annual family football game.

It’s a chance for the weekend athlete in all of us to come out and show off our skills. Unfortunately though, thanks to one too many festive libations and too few minutes of proper stretching, many of us end up sidelined with injuries by the time the day’s over.

Common backyard football injuries can include anything from minor sprains and strains to more severe hand and finger fractures, and knee or shoulder injuries.

Next time you rally the troops on your backyard gridiron, consider taking these steps to stay safe:

  • Warm up. We know it’s just a friendly game. But if you’re not used to being active (or even if you are), warming up before the kick-off is one of the easiest ways to stay injury-free. Take a couple minutes to stretch – your body with thank you later.
  • Wear good shoes. They might not be regulation football cleats, but a solid pair of tennis shoes with traction can help prevent slips and slides on the potentially damp, muddy grass.
  • Stay hydrated. This is especially important if you’ve been drinking. Dehydration makes it hard for your muscles to loosen up – and tight muscles are much more prone to injury. Being properly hydrated also helps lubricate your joints and defend them against damage.

If your football game leads to an ankle sprain or worse, call Sovereign Rehabilitation. Our sports rehabilitation programs are specifically designed to help you recover from your sports injuries and get you back on the field – even if it’s just the one in your own backyard.

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