Realities of Fibromyalgia

East Cobb Physical Therapy, GASymptoms of fibromyalgia were confirmed in a scientific study in 1981, yet even today there are still some doctors who overlook it as a real condition. Patients who suffer from it are well aware of how real it is, and how debilitating it can be to live with the condition. Because it affects everyone differently, it is difficult to diagnose, and symptoms often can look like a different condition. Living with fibromyalgia can be challenging, especially when the realities you face are invisible to those around you.

Real Fatigue

It is normal for a person with a hectic schedule day in and day out to end each day collapsing with fatigue. For the patient with fibromyalgia, it does not necessarily take a hectic schedule to produce fatigue that can stop you in your tracks. For some people, from the moment you wake up until you go to bed, chronic tiredness plagues every step, and doing the bare minimum can feel like a monumental task.

“Fibro Fog” or Brain Fog

Concentration can be difficult for individuals with fibromyalgia. Memory issues and confusion are also part of this aspect of the condition. Like other symptoms of this condition, the reasons why there are changes in brain function are not clear. Sleep deprivation accompanies the other symptoms, but it is not thought to be the cause of the changes that result in brain fog for fibromyalgia patients.

Chronic Pain

Patients with fibromyalgia have one thing in common, and that is chronic pain. Tenderness in the muscles, tendons and joints can make everyday activities challenging for some patients. Stiffness can make it difficult to get around, especially upon waking or when the weather changes. The pain is constantly shifting on a continuum from mild to excruciating, depending on circumstances and how well the condition is being managed.

Fibromyalgia is a tough condition to diagnose, and even more challenging to live with. Fortunately, some changes in lifestyle can help reduce its negative effects. Exercise, eating healthy foods and avoiding sugary foods helps with some of the symptoms.

Sovereign Rehabilitation provides fibromyalgia therapy to help patients feel better and resume normal activities with less pain. Find out how we can help you reduce symptoms. Contact us today to schedule a consultation appointment.

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