Reduce Injuries During Recess and After-School Activities

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Atlanta GA Physical Therapists for ChildrenFor most kids, school is already back in full swing. In addition to academics, that means more time outside for school-aged kids and serious after-school practice for teens.

Physical activity is critical for kids. It helps them sleep better at night, improves their concentration, cuts back on behavioral issues and gives their immune system a boost. But it also ups their risk for injury.

Keep your kids safe and injury-free this school year with these tips:

  • Skip out on sandals or flip-flops on the playground, and go for tennis shoes instead. This helps cut back on the likelihood of scary trips and falls. For after-school sports, make sure all gear is functioning properly and fits correctly.
  • Make sure the equipment your kids are using and the activities they’re involved in are age-appropriate and don’t push them beyond their own physical limitations.
  • Make sure kids and teens aren’t overdoing it. Allow at least one day a week of rest from sports and practice to protect muscles and joints.
  • If your child expresses that he or she is experiencing any kind of pain, stop the activity. Continuing could increase the chance of injury.

If your child does get injured, consider Sovereign Rehabilitation as part of their treatment plan. Sovereign’s therapists are licensed and trained to deal with a number of serious teen and adolescent injuries. Call our offices today to schedule a consultation and learn more about how our team can help you teen get back into the game.

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