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Sovereign Rehabilitation logoAt Sovereign Rehabilitation, we offer physical therapy for adolescents and teens. The rehabilitation focused on children and teens is a bit different for several reasons.

  • Your child or adolescent is still growing.
  • Children tend to have a shorter attention span.
  • Their biggest fans, YOU – the parent, typically accompany children.

Physical therapy for children is fun! It challenges our therapists to be creative and engaging with patients who may not be as willing to do continual reps of a particular exercise with no motivation. In addition to the lack of motivation, it’s sometimes difficult for children to push through a painful movement to achieve the recommended exercise.

Here are a few tips for helping your child or teen get the proper physical therapy that they need.

  1. Be their biggest cheerleader. Use encouraging words and celebrate even small achievements that lead toward full recovery.
  2. Be sure you’re being an example for your adolescent. Ensure that your child sees that being physically active is a priority for every member of your family.
  3. Make their physical therapy a routine and priority. Children love to know expectations, have boundaries and know the clear guidelines.
  4. Children love to play and have fun. Make their physical therapy exercises fun. Do them with your child. Play fun motivating music to accompany the work, or sing along with them while they are exercising.
  5. Set goals. When a goal is met give a motivational reward. You’d be so surprised to know that most kids are motivated by a simple sticker! Motivational items do not need to be costly. Here’s a list of other motivational ideas.

If your adolescent or teen is in need of physical therapy, call Sovereign Rehabilitation today.

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