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Atlanta GA Physical Therapy & RehabilitationAt Sovereign Rehabilitation, we make it part of our mission to cater to your care the entire time you’re in our offices. Whether you come to us after a work injury or for treatment for your fibromyalgia (or anything in between), our team of certified, trained physical therapists make your recovery our priority.

But getting back to your best takes more than making a trip to our office – sometimes it takes rest. And for some people, that can be the hardest part of recovery from your injury or condition. So how much rest do you need? How much is too much? What if you become out of shape? Well, consider this:

  • Chronic pain poses a bigger threat to your health than taking the time to rest. You’ll be sidelined a lot longer, and fall further behind in terms of fitness if you reinjure yourself due to lack of rest.
  • “Rest” doesn’t mean being completely immobile. Small movements and specific exercises can actually help speed up the recovery process. Work with your Sovereign physical therapist to develop an individualized plan for getting your back on your feet slowly and safely.
  • It’s all about balance. If movement and activity cause you pain, it’s not worth risking re-injury. But too much rest can cause muscles, tendons, and ligaments to weaken. Talk to your physical therapist about what’s best for you.

Give the team at Sovereign Rehabilitation a call today for more help answering all your recovery questions.

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