Returning to Work After an Injury the Right Way

Professional Working Atlanta GAGetting back to work after an injury is a process. The first step is healing and rehabilitation. You do not want to go back too soon, as this can exacerbate an injury that is on the mend. However, recovering is only a part of your journey. There are other considerations like workplace accommodations to consider.

The problem for both employers and employees is figuring out how to define workplace accommodations. There are no set parameters that can truly address the needs of every individual. This often results in a slow process that is stressful for the injured party and impacts business productivity.

Functional Assessment and Capacity Tests

One of the most effective support systems for returning to work is known as a Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE). Before you return to work or during the initial feeling out period, guessing at possible accommodations is not a useful measurement. An FCE helps injured workers find the right balance and provides employers with critical data on work-related capabilities.

The evaluation consists of a several assessments related to capacity. These include a subjective history examination, a musculoskeletal evaluation and evaluation of worker endurance related to job requirements. Other testing options are available to create an individualized solution for the injured worker’s needs.

Benefits of FCE

The last thing you want is a return to work that is short-lived. Overextending yourself benefits neither you nor the business. An FCE allows employees to return to work in a confident and safe manner. Risk of re-injury is dramatically reduced and the injured worker can achieve maximum potential despite the ongoing effects of injuries.

If you have suffered an injury that affects your ability to work, contact Sovereign Rehabilitation today. We are passionate about helping our patients recover from serious injuries and get back to enjoying life.

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