The Role That Self-Awareness Plays In Your Physical Health And Your Process Of Rehabilitation

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 woman during rehabilitation exercisesWhen considering ways to remain healthy and aid in rehabilitation, most people would not add self-awareness to their lists. Things such as eating healthy, exercising consistently, and the right mixture of medications are at the top of everyone’s list. However, self-awareness is an integral step to staying fit, recovery, and functioning at your maximum capacity.

Self-awareness is important to your physical health and rehabilitation because it is fluid and flexible to each day’s trials, delights, and circumstances. It is about understanding yourself, and everything else that makes you you! The more you know about yourself, the better you are at adapting to any condition that comes your way.

At the base of self-awareness is having a constant conversation with yourself. It’s having an inner discussion with yourself and others. You ask yourself questions concerning your health such as:

“Is this food choice that I’m making helping me get healthier, or am I sabotaging myself from getting on the right track?”

“What is one step I can take today to help me get on a healthy track and help me in my rehabilitation process?”

“Have I done this activity before and it ended in injury or pain?”

Self-awareness also has another important part: It always takes your weaknesses into consideration and learns from them. If you’re a person who has a weakness (let’s face it, we all do!) it’s a good time to ask for feedback from someone you trust. Giving yourself permission to expose your weaknesses is an important step to getting help for yourself.

At Sovereign Rehabilitation, our certified and trained physical therapists can help develop treatment programs designed just for you. We want to help you develop healthy habits so you can learn helpful steps toward healing. Call our office today to schedule your appointment.

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