Sciatic Pain and Pregnancy

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Pregnant Pain Atlanta GA One of the major joys in a women’s life is bringing new life into the world. Many mothers cite pregnancy as one of their best experiences. It can also be a time of annoying or debilitating back pain. You may find yourself somewhere on that line of continuum, and the discomfort or pain may be interfering with your daily activities and wearing you down with fatigue. With accurate diagnosis and proper treatment, you can find relief and enjoy your pregnancy.

Sciatic Pain

There are many types of back pain that a woman can experience during pregnancy and childbirth. Sciatic pain is one of them. This back pain can be a dull ache in your lower back, an acute pain that travels from your lower back down to your foot or anything in between.

The sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in your body. It travels from your spine and branches off onto each side of your buttocks, down your thighs and calves to your feet. Usually, pain from this nerve is limited to one side. The pain can start as a small annoyance and become a shooting pain that sears through your lower back and down your leg.

Pregnancy and Sciatica

Pain caused by the sciatic nerve is the result of pressure on the nerve. People can experience this pain when they have a herniated disc in the lumbar region of the spine, arthritis or spinal stenosis. Pregnant women may experience sciatic pain as the baby develops. The sciatic nerve runs under your uterus and it is thought that pressure on the nerve due to the baby’s growth causes pain.


There are some things you can do at home to help relieve the pain without resorting to medication. Lying on your side, opposite from the pain, may help. You should avoid lifting any heavy items and refrain from standing for long periods of time.

If you continue to experience pain or if the pain increases or is extreme, you should seek medical attention. A qualified professional may suggest exercises to help relieve pain. Physical therapy may be recommended.

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