Signs That Your Loved One Might Need A Driver Evaluation

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Atlanta GA Physical RehabilitationDriving is a privilege that carries a great deal of responsibility with it. There are skills, mindsets, and rules to follow that must accompany any person who gets behind the wheel. There are times when a person who could drive should not drive. There are many circumstances such as injury, illness or age-related changes that can change a person’s driving eligibility. At Sovereign Rehabilitation, we offer a driver evaluation that assesses a person’s ability to drive.

Often times, it is a passenger that notices a compromised driving ability in the person they are riding with. In these situations it can be difficult to approach a loved one who needs a driving evaluation. However, there are times when a medical professional orders a driving evaluation as well.

There are signs to watch for if you’re suspecting that a loved one needs a driver evaluation.

  1. Driving at inappropriate speeds.
  2. Becomes a poor judge of distance (too close or too far from other cars or lines on the road).
  3. Patterns of losing sense of directions, even in commonly traveled roads.
  4. Frustration and confusion while driving.
  5. Needs assistance from passengers.
  6. Not abiding to line markings or lanes (drifting).
  7. Ignores road signs or rules.
  8. Forgetfulness related to any portion of the journey.

If you notice any of these common warning signs, it may be time to sensitively approach your loved one about being evaluated for driving. You can ask a question such as: “Can we make an appointment to discover what might be inhibiting your driving ability because we want to ensure that you can maintain your driving ability as long as possible?”

At Sovereign Rehabilitation our Driver’s Assessment program is designed to keep your loved one and everyone else on the roads safe. Book you or your loved ones Driver safety assessments at one of the following clinics: Lawrenceville, Dunwoody, Conyers and Decatur.

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