Signs Your Child May Benefit from OT

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Atlanta GA Physical TherapistsOccupational therapy can helps kids in all sorts of different developmental arenas. OT helps improve cognitive functioning, as well as physical, sensory, and fine motor skills. It can also offer a big boost in self-esteem for kids, and leave them with a true sense of accomplishment when they begin to overcome their individual obstacles.

The following are just a few signs that could suggest that your little one may benefit from occupational therapy.

  1. Your kiddo has more difficulty, and gets frustrated easier while working with or using smaller objects such as cutting with scissors, holding a pen or pencil (or spoon or fork), trying their shoes or zipping a jacket, than other children in their age group.
  2. He or she has trouble concentrating or paying attention, and struggles with organization.
  3. Your little one has trouble with balance and coordination, and is hesitant to try new games, playground equipment, or sports, or play with other children.
  4. They use too little or too much force – playing roughly with toys or other people, falling or crashing into things (poor body awareness).
  5. They struggle with activities that require hand/eye coordination.
  6. He or she is overly sensitive to touch, textures, tastes, sounds, or movement; or conversely, he or she is under-responsive with delayed or limited reaction.
  7. Your child struggles with dressing himself or herself.

At Sovereign Rehabilitation, our OT programs focus on sensory integration treatment, development of fine motor skills, and an overall emphasis on maximizing your child’s ability to function at their highest level in his or her environment. To learn more about our adolescent/teen programs, give us a call today!

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