Sporting Teens Can Benefit from Physical Therapy

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Sports Injury Atlanta GADo you have an injury-prone teen who plays sports? One of the needless barriers to sporting success is preventable injuries. While playing harder tends to result in a greater number of painful accidents, these issues are mostly avoidable with the right conditioning.

How your teen plays a sport is only part of the equation. Balance, strength and endurance provide much needed balance in intense sporting activities. If young athletes are constantly suffering injuries that require treatment, it may indicate that they need to work on a specific element of their game.

Physical Therapy to Build Balance, Strength & Endurance

Physical therapy is not solely focused on healing after an injury. When it comes to sports medicine, especially, younger athletes can build a base that supports a lifelong career. Balance is one of the most important areas of focus for anyone involved in sports. Moving fluidly and having the ability to react in a way that is safe for body mechanics will help your teen avoid most common injuries.

While balance is important, there are outlying situations in sports where injuries are largely due to poor strength and conditioning. Joints endure both external and internal forces, including friction and weight load. To provide support, a specialist in sports rehabilitation and physical therapy will also help growing athletes to strengthen the muscles and ligaments that protect the joints.

It is essential that your teen benefits from a tailored physical therapy program. “One size fits all” does not address the needs of the individual. This is especially true when an athlete is suffering more injuries than his or her peers. To ensure the most beneficial outcomes for the patient, it is therefore essential that treatment plans address specific challenges.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of sports therapy for active teens, book an appointment with Sovereign Rehabilitation today.

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