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Atlanta GA Physical Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation DoctorsThis time of year is a favorite for many – and not just because of all the pumpkin-flavored coffees making their seasonal debuts. Fall is football season, and along with tailgates and trash talk comes the increased potential for painful, debilitating  sports injuries.

Football players (the professional, backyard, and school-aged variety) are at risk for suffering a wide-range of slips, falls and collisions each season, leading to conditions such as shoulder tendinitis, shoulder dislocation, rotator cuff injury, sprains and repetitive strain injuries, just to name a few.

Wearing proper equipment, stretching before and after a game, and following safety procedures are all great ways to stay injury-free, but if you do find yourself on the bench due to one too many tackles, call the team at Sovereign Rehabilitation.

Our certified physical therapists are trained to help amateur, recreational, and professional athletes get back on their feet after a sports injury, using techniques that can help control swelling, pain, and inflammation. Our programs also help athletes rebuild strength, regain range of motion, and restore power, balance, and speed, using top of the line modalities and treatments.

Give us a call today to learn more about our integrative approach to sports rehabilitation therapy. We look forward to getting you back on the field.

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