Sprains, Strains and Other Pains in the Hand

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picture of the wrist When was the last time you thought about how important your hands are to everyday living? From the very beginning of life, your hands have been there, feeding you information, holding things for you, speaking for you and helping you with just about every aspect of your life. Most of us take hand health for granted until something happens.

Is it a Sprain or Strain?

Your hand contains 27 bones held in place by ligaments, muscles and tendons. These softer tissues provide stability and movement. Sprains or strains to these structures can cause great pain and interfere with your daily activities. Even though the terms “sprain” and “strain” are often used interchangeably, there are differences between the two.

When a ligament in the hand is injured by being stretched or torn, it is called a hand sprain. The ligament connects the bones. This strong tissue can be injured in a fall. Injuries most often occur to the hinge joints that help the fingers and thumb bend.

A hand strain occurs when muscle or tendon fibers are over stretched or torn. Tendons anchor the muscles to the bones. Injuries to muscles and tendons often occur during sports activities. Everyday activities like typing or working with your hands can also cause hand strain.

There are also many other causes of hand pain, such as osteoarthritis, broken bones or fractures, to name a few. When you cannot pinpoint the cause of your hand pain, and the pain persists, you should check in with your doctor to find the cause and get the problem treated.

Getting Treatment

Effective treatment begins with accurate diagnosis. Your doctor will recommend treatment specific to the type of injury you have. Treatment for injuries can include exercises for stretching and strengthening the hand. Massage and soft tissue mobilization may be also be part of the therapy. Work-related injuries may require modifications of the work environment.

Other treatment options may include electrical stimulation, application of heat/ice, ultrasound treatments or other modalities. Your doctor may also recommend a home program to help promote healing.

The professionals at Sovereign Rehabilitation are known for providing effective, individualized treatment for tendon and nerve injuries of the hand as well as a variety of other injuries and conditions. Contact us for more information or to schedule an appointment. We make life feel better.

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