Staying Motivated Through Physical Therapy

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Dunwoody GA Physical TherapistsWe understand that when you come to Sovereign to begin or continue your physical therapy program, it’s because you’re dealing with something that’s not so fun at best and debilitating at worst. It can be difficult to stay motivated to get through the recovery process if you’re not progressing as quickly as you’d hope or expected, or you’re still dealing with pain that’s making it hard to participate in your daily life.

These three tips can help you maintain a positive attitude and stick with it, even when the going gets tough.

Keep the dialogue open with your physical therapist.
If you’re having a tough time complying with your program, or simply having a tough day, talk it over with your therapist. He or she can offer tips and tricks to help get you over your rehabilitation hump, and keep you progressing towards your recovery goals. Also, trust that your physical therapist has only your best interest in mind, and is willing to work with you through the more difficult stages of the process.

Keep the end game in mind.
We know recovery from a condition or injury can be slow going. Recovery happens at a difference pace for everyone. When you begin to lose patience, try and remember what you’re working towards, and believe that you will get there even if it takes some time. The hard work you’re doing now will pay off. Trust in that.

Celebrate every victory ¬– even the small ones.
Because recovery and rehabilitation is a process, a journey, it’s important to remember the milestones you hit along the way. Any progress deserves to be celebrated, even when it seems small. Tell a friend or family member about the steps you’ve made and how far you’ve come; treat yourself to some pampering for working so hard, whatever feels best for you. These might seem like small things, but they can help keep you motivated over the long haul.

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