Dizziness Due To Heat


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Woman Pinching Bridge of Nose Due to Dizziness Atlanta GAIf you are experiencing dizziness, Sovereign Rehabilitation offers effective therapy for your balance disorders. Dizziness is caused by inner ear disorders and the peripheral and/or central nervous system. If you have this type of balance disorder or dizziness contact Sovereign Rehabilitation for therapy intervention to provide you with activities for the balance and dizziness system’s gradual reeducation and reintegration. (more…)



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Almost everyone has experienced a dizziness sensation. From children spinning to adults getting up from a seated position too fast, dizziness is a semi-common occurrence. However, for some the experience of dizziness is not just a passing, once in a while occurrence. Vertigo is a feeling that a person or his or her surroundings are moving when actually there is no movement at all. People often feel that they are off balance, whirling, tilting, or falling. For people who experience severe vertigo they may feel very nauseated, have trouble walking or standing, lose their balance, and fall.