Work Injury Prevention


Category: Spinal Injuries, Workplace Injuries

Atlanta GA Physical TherapistsWhether your job requires you to spend eight hours at a desk or demands heavy lifting on your feet, you could be putting yourself at risk for a workplace injury.

Desk jobs and repetitive lifting of heavy objects force us to put pressure on our upper and lower back and spine that can cause troubling, sometimes debilitating back pain. The position we constantly hold our wrists in to type can contribute to painful repetitive stress injuries. Our jobs also frequently make us susceptible to neck strain and musculoskeletal injuries to the knees, legs, and hips.

Impairment Rating Calculations


Category: Impairment Rating Calculations, Workplace Injuries

Workplace InjuriesWorkers’ compensation insurance provides benefits to workers who are injured on a job or at a job site. Compensation for employees has been deemed necessary because many people who are injured on the job are unable to perform their employment duties for a while, or in extreme cases they may not ever be able to return to work. Because of the severity of a decision of this magnitude for both the employer and the injured employee, certain criteria have been put into place to ensure that correct compensation is awarded to those who qualify. An impairment rating test must be completed before a disability claim can be filed and before any needed care can be received.