Breast Cancer Awareness and Post-Breast Surgery Therapy


Category: Post Breast Surgery, Women's Health Services

Atlanta GA Physical TherapistsOctober is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and here at Sovereign Rehabilitation, we’re proud to support survivors with our integrative post-breast surgery services.

Our caring, attentive therapists understand the unique struggles of women who’ve undergone mastectomies, lumpectomies and breast reconstruction, and we’re here to offer support throughout the post-surgery process to help women not only feel better, but also get back to living their best lives.

Post Breast Surgery Therapy


Category: Physical Therapy, Women's Health Services

Post Breast Surgery Therapy in Atlanta GAMany women with breast cancer have some type of breast surgery. Any type of breast surgery can affect how well women are able to move their shoulders, arms, how easily they are able to take a deep breath, or simply complete daily tasks such as brushing their hair, bathing, and dressing. Pain and stiffness can cause weakness and limit movement of the upper body. It is very important for women to do exercises after breast surgery in order to get the arms and shoulders moving again. Exercises help to decrease any side effects from surgery and to prevent scar tissue from building up and restricting healing.