Post Mastectomy Treatment


Category: Post Breast Surgery Therapy, Women's Health Services

Atlanta GA Physical TherapySurgery of any kind requires recovery. The body has been through a traumatic experience, and no matter how simple or complex the surgery was the body must have time to heal properly. A Mastectomy is a very invasive procedure in which the breast tissues are removed from the body. This surgical procedure requires a great deal of recovery after a mastectomy, and we at Sovereign Rehabilitation are here to provide any help that patients need. At Sovereign Rehabilitation, we are committed to delivering the most advanced rehabilitation services for women’s health concerns so that they can make a full recovery and live their best lives.

A mastectomy can irritate or disturb the soft tissues in the shoulder, under the arm, and in the chest wall. Many times the skin will feel stiff and cause a pulling sensation with movement of the upper body. Because of this “pulling sensation” (that can often times be very uncomfortable), women often avoid movements that will cause this pulling sensation. However, lack of movement can actually set back recovery and cause further issues. At Sovereign Rehabilitation we are here to help women recover from surgery with post mastectomy treatment. We understand that all patients experience different types and amounts of pain or discomfort; therefore, we make every treatment plan individualized for each patient.