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Summer has drawn to a close and autumn is here. For many people, this time of year means getting back into some type of routine to settle in for winter. If you suffer from the pain of arthritis, fibromyalgia or you are recovering from injuries or a surgery, you may want to consider adding aquatic therapy to your routine. Performed in the water, this type of low-impact therapy provides soothing exercise using the resistance and buoyancy of water.

Relaxing Pain Relief

Stiff muscles can be painful and exercising them to increase your flexibility can be challenging. Aquatic therapy uses the properties of water to help you move with ease. Being in and around water can be relaxing by itself; when you exercise in water, the buoyancy helps you relax as it supports your weight. This makes is considerably easier to target specific muscle groups for exercise. The stress you would normally feel on your joints is greatly reduced when you exercise in water.

Moreover, warm water relaxes the muscles and helps reduce the pain. This also makes it easier for you to move and increase your range of movement. The water provides gentle resistance, which helps strengthen your muscles. In fact, water provides about 12 times the resistance of air. Whether you walk in the water or do other exercises, your efforts will be greater, and you will automatically be building more muscle.

Reduction of Swelling and Inflammation

Muscles can become stiff due to swelling and inflammation. Water therapy can help reduce these symptoms. When you are in the water, pressure is exerted on your submerged body parts. This is hydrostatic pressure, and it provides some compression. The compression you feel can help in the reduction of joint inflammation and swelling.

You do not need to be a swimmer in order to participate in aquatic therapy. Anyone can enjoy the soothing comforts that this type of therapy provides. Contact Sovereign Rehabilitation and ask about aquatic therapy for more information. Schedule a consultation to determine if you can benefit from this type of healing therapy.

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