The Debilitation of Upper Extremity Injuries

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Elbow Pain Atlanta GAMost people take the joints in the arm for granted. When you have full, unrestricted movement, it is easy to forget the importance of limb functions. The shoulder, elbow, wrist and fingers all work together to provide a broad range of movement. If you suffer an injury in any of these joints, the reduction in movement is immediately apparent.

Pain, discomfort, instability and loss of strength are just some of the issues that can impact the functionality of the upper-extremities. Everyday tasks become slow, painful or impossible to perform. There is also a risk of further exacerbating an injury due to issues like lifting heavy objects.

Benefits of Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation

The good news is that most upper-extremity injuries and health conditions are well understood. A specialist in physical therapy and rehabilitation can help restore strength and function. In a worst-case scenario, patients can regain enough movement to adjust and live as normal a life as possible.

Providing support to an injured joint is one of the most effective means of healing and regaining function. A good example of this is elite athletes who are able to return to sporting activity after a serious injury. Without sports medicine and complimentary therapies, these athletes would suffer life-changing debilitation.

You do not have to accept that an injury will cause significant issues for the rest of your life. Specialized physical therapy and rehabilitation works. The scope of your treatment plan will depend on the nature of the injury or medical condition, as well as any other relevant factors. A practitioner who embraces an individualized approach to medicine is therefore highly recommended.

If you would like to consult with a specialist in upper-extremity physical therapy, contact the experts at Sovereign Rehabilitation today. We look forward to helping you regain full function for a more comfortable life.

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