The Importance of Physical Therapy for Teens

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Teenagers Atlanta GA Teenagers desire to be captains of their own ship. Most do not like to be seen as weak or needing help. If your teenager has experienced an illness or surgery, physical therapy may be recommended to improve the recovery time and aid the healing process. Getting your teen to cooperate may be challenging, but there are reasons to persevere.

Returning to Life as Usual

As creatures of habit, most of us prefer the usual routine and, when that is interrupted, we want to get back to it as soon as possible. Unfortunately, getting better is a gradual process. The body needs time to heal and regain strength. If you have ever had a limb in a cast for a length of time, perhaps you noticed the changes in muscle tone after the cast came off. The situation is similar after surgery or a prolonged illness.

In some situations, physical therapy will be the next logical step and its necessity will be obvious. When it is not quite as apparent, your teen my need coaxing and encouragement. The physical therapist, along with your child’s recovery team, can help get those weakened muscles moving again with strength and vigor.

Growing Bones and Body

Teens are still growing, and special attention may be necessary in order to ensure that recovery from the injury or illness is optimal. Lack of physical therapy in a teenager could result in delayed development or increased risk of further damage or injury.

Physical therapy can include an array of techniques to assist in optimal recovery for your child. Along with exercises, electrical stimulation, ultrasound, massage and other treatments may be included as part of the process.

Comprehensive physical therapy and rehabilitation helps with pain management as well as movement and range of motion. Sovereign Rehab is known for our integrative services helping people of all ages regain health and ability. We have effective treatments for teens who have experienced illness or surgery that require physical therapy or rehabilitation. Call today for more information.

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