Ways To Prevent Injuries Before They Ever Happen

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 woman during rehabilitation exercisesTake a deep breath. Can you smell it? It’s spring! Flowers are blooming, birds are chirping and everyone is getting outside doing the activities they love most. Whether your favorite outdoor activity is tennis, soccer, or just a stroll around the neighborhood, all of these can have the unfortunate accident happen. A twisted ankle on the pavement, tennis elbow, or a torn ACL can really put a damper on future spring and even summer plans.

There are ways to prevent injuries from happening.

  • Keeping your body strong through strength training and core work is a great way to keep injuries away.
  • Feed and hydrate your body wisely. Eat a balanced diet and hydrate. Carbohydrates give you energy for your workout. Protein after your physical activity is will help repair those muscles you just broke down.
  • Choose your activity wisely, and gradually move into it. Even the flowers in spring slowly emerge. Take your cues from nature, and take your time emerging into your new activity that has possibly lain dormant for the winter.
  • Cross training will help provide variety for your body. Engaging in different activities will help you avoid hitting a plateau, and it will give your muscles a much-needed break from the same routine over and over again.
  • Always warm up before an activity and cool down after an activity. Working out with muscles that are cold is a bad idea. Make sure you’re increasing your body’s core temperature and getting the blood flowing to the working muscles.

In the event that you do suffer from an injury related to a sport or other activity, Sovereign Rehabilitation is here to help you get on the road to recovery, so you can get back to your spring activities as quickly as possible.

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