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Atlanta GA Physical Therapy for Torn ACLIsn’t it great having our very own soccer team in Atlanta? Have you been to one of the Atlanta United FC games yet in the Bobby Dobb stadium? Who’s your favorite player? It will be so fun to cheer them on in their new stadium.

Soccer has been around for years. It’s an international sport played and watched around the world. The United States is the only place that calls soccer, ‘soccer.’ However, it’s all the same game as futbol.

Soccer has so many thrilled parts to it, however there are common injuries related to the game of soccer. A torn ACL is a common soccer injury. There are three reasons these injuries are common to the game of soccer:

  •  Your anatomy plays a large role in ACL soccer injuries. Female soccer players are more likely to injure their ACL due to the way their hip and knee aligns. Female hormones also play a large role in this. In addition, the femoral notch, where the ACL is located, tends to be more narrow in females
  • Soccer tends to have high-velocity change in direction moves. When players kick a ball in a completely opposite direction they are using a right-to-left motion where the foot is fixed to the field and the ball is being kicked across the body. The rotation is happening at such a velocity and force that is past normal motion, and this can end up with an ACL injury.
  • Tackles happen often in soccer. The tackle from the side causes a knee to knock, or go in a direction not intended for a knee to go.

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