What Causes Bell’s Palsy?

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Woman Looking Out Window with Fear Facial Paralysis Atlanta GA If you suddenly have twitching, weakness or paralysis on one side of your face, you may have something called Bell’s Palsy. Bell’s Palsy is not always isolated to one side of your face, but that is the most common occurrence. Bell’s Palsy can also be accompanied by drooping of your eyelid and/or corner of your mouth. Drooling or dryness of your eyes or mouth may be present and impairment of taste may also be associated with it.

If you experience symptoms of Bell’s Palsy it most likely was a sudden onset. The peak of Bell’s Palsy typically is reached within 48 hours. If this is you, you certainly are led to wonder, “What caused my Bell’s Palsy?”

“What caused my Bell’s Palsy?”

Approximately 40,000 Americans are diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy per year. It occurs when your nerve that controls your facial muscles become swollen, inflamed or compressed. This results in facial weakness or paralysis. The source of what exactly causes the damage is unknown. It is believed by most scientists that it is a result of a viral infection such as viral meningitis or the common cold sore virus (Herpes Simplex). In reaction to one of these infections, inflammation occurs.

If you think you have Bell’s Palsy, it is important to get an accurate diagnosis. After you get an accurate diagnosis, your individual case will be treated. In many cases of Bell’s Palsy, therapeutic treatment is recommended. If you have Bell’s Palsy, contact our experts at Sovereign Rehabilitation. We will provide you with effective therapy for you to make your life feel better!

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