What is Correct Posture?

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Atlanta GA Scoliosis TreatmentAt Sovereign Rehabilitation, we treat patients who suffer from scoliosis. Our therapists are trained in the Schroth Method, which can improve your posture, relieve pain, and help avoid future surgery.

Scoliosis is most known for the curvature of your spine that occurs. One of the manifestations of scoliosis is poor posture. Additionally, one of the goals of the Schroth Method is correct posture. Posture is your body’s alignment and positioning with respect to the forces of gravity. But what is classified as correct posture?

Characteristics of correct posture:

  • Your spine should have no lateral curvature. (looking at it from the back)
  • Your legs should be symmetrical.
  • Your spine should form a smooth S-shaped curve. (looking at it from the side)

Improving your standing posture:

  • Your head should be balanced and erect.
  • Your chest should be held high void of tension.
  • Your stomach (abdomen) should be tucked in (flat).
  • Your shoulders should be back and relaxed.
  • Your lower back can have a slight curve.
  • Your knees should be fluid and straight.

If you suffer from scoliosis, your posture is most likely being compromised. Book your appointment with Sovereign Rehabilitation and one of our Schroth Method certified therapists will specifically customize a program according to your needs. This method will help you feel empowered to manage your scoliosis on your own while continuing to receive advice and support from our therapists at Sovereign Rehabilitation.

Call and book your appointment with Sovereign Rehabilitation today if you or someone you love suffers from scoliosis.Correct Posture

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