When Do I Begin Physical Therapy After I’ve Been Injured?

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Atlanta GA Physical Therapy ClinicAt Sovereign Rehabilitation, we offer rehabilitation after many types of injury. If you’ve suffered from sports, motorized vehicle, workplace or other type of injury, it’s important to contact us right away. Timing is very important when it comes to getting the proper help you need after your injury.

There are several common reasons individuals may delay getting the treatment they need after an injury.

• Injured individuals may want to wait and “tough it out” and anticipate that the pain will go away on its own.
• Injured athletes may want to delay or even ignore injuries for fear that they may be sidelined.
• Setting aside time in a schedule may also deter injured individuals from getting the treatment that they need.

Whatever the reason for delaying physical therapy after an injury, it’s important to remember that it is extremely important to begin physical therapy as soon as you suffer from an injury. Timing is important because the sooner you commence with physical therapy, you can most likely prevent further damage from occurring. You can also prevent further pain from altering your everyday life for a prolonged period of time.

After an injury your body attempts to protect itself by increasing blood flow to the injured tissue to try to kick-start the healing process. This process involves swelling and pain, but can be resolved with proper treatment. If untreated, this inflammation can continue to become a chronic issue that limits your motion and function in the area of the injury. The inflammation can even cause damage to the surrounding tissue if it becomes a chronic condition.

If you’ve suffered from any type of injury, call Sovereign Rehabilitation today to get you on the path to a pain-free life.

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