When Pregnancy Pain Steals Your Joy

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Pregnancy is usually one of the most exciting and joyful times in a woman’s life. Looking forward to a new life fills the heart with happy expectations. Each month passes, bringing that monumental day closer. For some women, however, pregnancy brings pain and can overshadow happiness during these months. Sovereign Rehabilitation is here to help.

Babies Bring Pressure Even Before Birth

A woman’s body goes through enormous pre-natal changes. As your internal organs compete for space, the pressure increases. Lower back pain plagues many pregnant women, especially those with petite frames or when multiples are on the way. If the pain interferes with your daily life for more than a day or two, it could be time for some physical therapy.

Other causes of physical pain stem from posture changes as weight shifts to the belly. Hormonal changes can create problems, and stress, which nearly always increases during pregnancy, can also contribute to your complications.

Stress can be a significant contributor to pain. Having a baby can be extremely stressful for some women, and that can bring on the pain. Expectant parents often anticipate stress with toddlers and teenagers, but the developing baby can give mom some trouble with pain and movement.

Isn’t Rehab for Injuries?

While injuries bring many people into therapy, treatment can improve various other situations and conditions — pregnancy ranks at the top of that list. As your body shifts, things get disrupted. As the fetus grows, the diaphragm gets pushed up and ribs are pushed out. The repositioning of organs used to breathe, and the need to take in oxygen and dispel CO2 for two can cause frequent shortness of breath.

If pregnancy pain prevents you from living your best life, contact our office right away and let our licensed therapists help. Our expert care can restore your energy and eliminate your pain. We love to assist our pregnant mothers so they can live with greater joy during this precious time.

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