When Your Child Needs Physical Therapy

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Child Going Through Physical TherapyYour child is the most precious thing in your life; so, when your medical provider suggests your child needs physical therapy, it is only natural that you would feel some apprehension. All types of questions may begin to flood your mind, adding to your anxiety. Working with your child’s doctor and doing a little research will help settle some of those anxious feelings and help you become better informed, so you can choose the best physical therapist for your child.

Not every physical therapist has experience working with children. You want your child’s therapist to be experienced in pediatric care. You also want one who is familiar with your child’s particular diagnosis. Children can have special needs to help them feel comfortable and they need the right encouragement with the going gets rough. Physical therapists who regularly work with kids have the skills to keep your child on track to recovery.


Part of the success in physical therapy comes from the development of a good relationship between the therapist and the patient. Kids seek to please those to whom they feel close. With that in mind, your child is likely to work harder and be more cooperative when a connection has been made with the therapist. It can be difficult to forge this type of relationship if there is not continuity.

Take the time to find the therapist that your child feels most comfortable with. Make sure that once that person has been identified, your child will be able to continue working with that person. Working with multiple therapists can slow the recovery process. One therapist committed to working with your child can make a huge difference. He or she learns what motivates your child, what challenges your child faces and all the other little things that can be used to help your child achieve optimal recovery.

Child-Centered Care

Working with a physical therapist who provides child-centered care can improve your child’s recovery rate. These professionals understand how to work with children and their families. This give you peace of mind because you are kept informed about your child’s progress, and you are also given tips and instruction on what you can do at home to help the recovery process.

When your child needs physical therapy, look for therapists who understand kids and provide a nurturing, caring environment. The right pediatric physical therapists will help you and your child feel better as you both travel along the road to recovery.

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