Why Do Babies Need To Wear The Little Helmets?

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Child Wearing Protective Helmet Atlanta GABabies are cute. They all are, no matter what. Even when they spit up their little faces are irresistible. Have you noticed babies wearing little white helmets on their heads as well? They look so cute, too. Some parents get very creative decorating the helmets and even using it to promote their favorite sports team or theme!

Those helmets have a very important role for the babies that wear them. They are used to help treat something called deformational plagiocephaly (flat head syndrome). This condition is when an infant’s head has an uneven or irregular shape caused by external factors.

One treatment option for infants with flat head syndrome is the use of orthotic therapy. This pediatric therapy involves the wearing of a custom-fit helmet to assist with changing the head shape of your baby.

These helmets are usually made of a hard outer shell with a foam lining. They very gently and persistently apply pressure to capture the natural growth of your baby’s head while inhibiting growth in the prominent areas and allow for growth in the flat regions.

If your child needs a helmet it usually needs to be worn 23 hours a day and can be removed for bathing. The duration of the treatment usually lasts around three months, but it varies based on your infant’s needs.

If your infant has plagiocephaly or flat head syndrome, contact Sovereign Rehabilitation today to schedule a consultation. Our treatments include repositional therapy and special exercises as well as orthotic therapy.

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