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Atlanta GA Physical TherapistsWhether your job requires you to spend eight hours at a desk or demands heavy lifting on your feet, you could be putting yourself at risk for a workplace injury.

Desk jobs and repetitive lifting of heavy objects force us to put pressure on our upper and lower back and spine that can cause troubling, sometimes debilitating back pain. The position we constantly hold our wrists in to type can contribute to painful repetitive stress injuries. Our jobs also frequently make us susceptible to neck strain and musculoskeletal injuries to the knees, legs, and hips.

To stay safe and well at your desk job, make sure you’re aware of your posture. Sit up straight to protect your back and take frequent breaks (5 minutes for every hour you work) to get up and walk around. Adjust your keyboard to take pressure off of your wrists, and make sure the position of your computer monitor isn’t causing any undo neck strain. Also be aware of cords, desk drawers, and wet floors that could potentially cause a painful fall.

If you’re job requires more manual labor on your feet, make sure you’re wearing the right type of shoes. This helps to stabilize not only your ankles, but also your back, which reduces the risk for injury. Consider using back, knee, wrist, or elbow braces for further protection. And if you’re constantly lifting, make sure you’re using the correct form so as not to throw out your back. Make sure your work site/area is clean and be aware of hazards that could lead to injury – such as equipment that hasn’t been put away or extra supplies and materials lying around. These could cause dangerous falls that have the potential to sideline you for weeks or longer.

And remember, Sovereign Rehabilitation understands what a blow it can be to you and your family to suffer an injury that keeps you out of work. If you do get hurt at work, our therapists can help put together an individual rehabilitation program that can combat your current on-the-job injury, and get you back on your feet quickly.

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