Atlanta Certified Manual Therapists

Sovereign Rehabilitation is proud to employ some of the region’s top certified manual therapists. A Certified Manual Therapist (MTC) is a professional who has completed an advanced level of physical therapy training that includes skilled, specific hands-on techniques to diagnose and treat issues with soft tissues and joint structures in the body. After completing the training and certification process, MTCs are experts in the musculoskeletal system as well as medical screening, anatomy, physiology, and joint and soft tissue mechanics. This rigorous certification process requires continuing education and study after graduate school: a process that usually takes between three and four years.

A MTC uses skilled hand movements to manipulate tissues of the body to manage pain, increase range of motion, reduce muscle guarding/tension, eliminate joint inflammation, increase joint stability and restore normal movement patterns. Manual therapy is most effective when it is combined with other rehabilitative activities including therapeutic exercise. In addition to manipulations, massage, stretching and deep pressure are also components of manual therapy.

Certified MTCs Increase Treatment Efficiency

The certified MTCs from Sovereign Rehabilitation increase treatment efficiency and improve patient care for our valued clients. Individuals with a variety of disorders and orthopedic conditions can benefit from this innovative treatment. It is currently being used to treat a wide variety of disabilities and orthopedic conditions including but not limited to acute and chronic low-back and neck pain, muscle-tension headaches, osteoarthritis, pregnancy related conditions, sports injuries, workplace injuries and hand and upper extremity conditions. In many cases, manual therapy combined with therapeutic exercise can produce dramatic results including rapid pain relief and improved function.

Fewer Visits and More Efficient Treatment

With our certified manual therapy programs, our patients benefit from fewer visits resulting in more efficient treatment. Although manual therapy has been widely recognized as a beneficial and effective treatment modality, not all rehabilitation facilities are currently offering this advanced treatment option.  At Sovereign Rehabilitation, we believe strongly in the benefits of manual therapy. Using this advanced treatment, our MTCs are able achieve amazing results for our valued patients.

If you would like to get more information about our manual therapy treatment programs or to schedule an appointment, please contact our Atlanta Certified Manual Therapists or call one of our area locations today. We look forward to serving you with top quality physical therapy and rehabilitation treatment.