Atlanta Treatment For Vertigo

Sovereign Rehabilitation is pleased to offer effective treatment and rehabilitation therapy including complete vertigo assessments and the potential causes of vertigo for the residents of Atlanta and the surrounding areas. We are a provider of comprehensive physical and rehabilitation therapy with locations conveniently located throughout the Atlanta Metropolitan area. Sovereign Rehabilitation features a team of the industry’s premier physical therapists and vestibular experts. Our therapists have received specialized training in balance and dizziness therapy and rehabilitation. Using proven and effective treatments, we are able to achieve dramatic results for our patients who suffer vertigo.

Treatment For Objective/Subjective Vertigo

For expert treatment for objective/subjective vertigo, you can turn to the dedicated professionals from Sovereign Rehabilitation. Before developing and implementing a treatment plan, one of our specially trained therapists will conduct a complete vertigo assessment. During this process, a questionnaire and movement tests are used to identify triggers of dizziness, its frequency of occurrence, symptom severity, and lifestyle impact. After balance and dizziness assessment, a list of patient problems is generated, short- and long-term goals are established, and the patient is placed on an appropriate exercise program. The exercise treatment of a patient with vertigo focuses on improving balance function, decreasing dizziness symptoms and increasing overall activity levels for long-term retention of gains made in therapy.

Effective Therapy For Vertigo

Effective therapy for patients with vertigo may include the following:

  • Balance and dizziness habituation Exercises: repetitive exposure and exercises to help the brain habituate or attenuate the vertigo response
  • Balance Retraining Exercises: exercises to improve coordination of muscle responses and organization of sensory information for balance control
  • General stamina and endurance: a home-centered program of aerobic activity to ensure that the patient maintains balance and dizziness improvements

If you would like to get more information about our vertigo treatments or to schedule an appointment, please contact our Atlanta Treatment For Vertigo Specialists or call one of our area locations today. We look forward to serving you with exceptional, individualized rehabilitative care.