Atlanta Treatment For Inner Ear Disorders

Sovereign Rehabilitation in Atlanta is proud to offer effective treatments for inner ear disorders as well as comprehensive physical and rehabilitation therapy. The problem of dizziness and disequilibrium is second only to low-back complaints in frequency of occurrence among adults. Dizziness in itself is not a disease, rather the symptom of a problem within the peripheral and/or central nervous system. There are many causes of dizziness; however, it is estimated that 85% of dizziness is a result of pathology within the peripheral balance and dizziness system. The certified physical and occupational therapists at Sovereign Rehabilitation have received specialized training in balance and dizziness therapy and rehabilitation. Our therapists are committed to using proven and effective therapies to help patients with inner ear disorders find relief from their symptoms and an improved quality of life.

Treatment For Equilibrium Problems

In addition to the primary symptoms of balance disorders and movement related dizziness, many patients with inner ear disorders develop secondary symptoms that are associated with reduced activity levels. These secondary symptoms may include decreased strength, loss of range of motion and increased tension leading to muscle fatigue and headaches. Our physical therapy programs are designed to help alleviate both the primary and the secondary symptoms of inner ear disorders.

Effective Therapy For Gravitational Insecurity

At Sovereign Rehabilitation, we offer effective therapy for gravitational insecurity and other balance and dizziness disorders. Our balance and dizziness rehabilitation programs use an exercise approach to resolve disequilibrium and dizziness symptoms. Therapy intervention is directed to provide activities for the balance and dizziness system’s gradual reeducation and reintegration. Therapy begins with lower-level movement exercises and calming activities, and progresses to increased movement and visual motor experiences as tolerated. Movement and visual compensation techniques are included to help the patient adjust to the problems of dizziness and balance.

If you are suffering from an inner ear disorder, please contact our Atlanta Treatment For Inner Ear Disorders Experts or call one of our area locations today and schedule an appointment with one of our vestibular experts. We look forward to serving you with exceptional, individualized physical therapy and rehabilitation services.