Atlanta Post Breast Surgery Therapy

Sovereign Rehabilitation is Atlanta’s proven leader in post breast surgery therapy. We are a comprehensive provider of physical therapy and rehabilitation services with offices located conveniently throughout the Metro Atlanta area. Our locations feature licensed physical or occupational therapists with specialized training in the treatment and rehabilitation of women’s health issues, including post breast surgery recovery. At Sovereign Rehabilitation, we strive to deliver the most advanced rehabilitation services for a full range of women’s health conditions, and we are committed to helping women feel better and live their best lives.

Post Mastectomy, Lumpectomy & Reconstructive Treatment

For expert post mastectomy, lumpectomy and breast reconstructive treatment and physical therapy, you can count on the caring professionals from Sovereign Rehabilitation. Breast surgeries (such as mastectomy, lumpectomy, and reconstructive surgery) can irritate or disturb the soft tissues in the shoulder, chest wall, and under the arm. Scars and radiation can make the skin stiff and cause a pulling sensation in the chest and shoulder with movement. After surgery, it is common to avoid movement due to pain and pulling sensations. The lack of movement may cause stiffness in the shoulder, and pain and swelling in the arm. Difficulty with daily activities (such as reaching above head level, washing hair and getting dressed) may ensue.

As a part of a comprehensive recovery plan, we may employ the following physical therapy interventions to help women recover from breast surgeries:

  • Physical therapy manual techniques to improve mobility of the shoulder joint and girdle, ribs, and to improve circulation
  • Scar massage and desensitization techniques to reduce tightness and limitations
  • Exercises to improve posture and to strengthen upper back muscles, which may include the use of elastic bands, light weights, wands, and pulleys
  • Exercises to overcome tightness, weakness, and pain in the shoulder, neck, chest, and abdomen

The goal is to help women who have undergone breast surgeries feel better and recover to full function, as quickly as possible.

We Help Women Recover From Breast Surgery

At Sovereign Rehabilitation, we are dedicated to helping women recover from breast surgery. If you are a woman and need help recovering from a breast surgery, please contact our Atlanta Post Breast Surgery Therapy Specialists or call one of our area locations today. Once we have processed your referral and insurance information, we will get you scheduled with one of our specially trained therapists within 48 hours. We look forward to serving you with exceptional, individualized women’s physical therapy and rehabilitation services.