Stockbridge Physical Therapy – affiliated with Venture Physical Therapy

Welcome to the Stockbridge location of Sovereign Rehabilitation, a trusted partner for comprehensive physical therapy and complete wellness programs in Henry County. Affiliated with Venture Physical Therapy, our rehabilitation facility is conveniently located at 125 Medical Blvd, where residents of Stockbridge experience top quality care provided by the industry’s leading therapists.

Featuring a team of experts equipped to handle all orthopedic physical therapy and rehabilitation services, including treatments for the spine and extremities, our Stockbridge facility features manual therapy, dry needling, and other innovative treatments to help patients obtain long-term pain relief and improved function.

Licensed Physical Therapists

Our Stockbridge location is home to a team of licensed physical therapists specializing in the treatment and rehabilitation of a number of women’s health concerns. In addition, licensed occupational therapists are on hand to treat a wide range of health concerns relating to pregnancy, urinary incontinence, pelvic pain, osteoporosis, Lymphedema, and more. Trained therapists also facilitate treatment for women following breast or abdominal surgery, while collaborating with physicians to help patients achieve the best outcome.

For specialized treatment aimed at addressing balance and dizziness, vestibular experts at our Stockbridge location are highly trained to work with amputees, stroke victims, and those with neurological disorders such as Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and Parkinson’s disease.

Also affiliated with Venture Physical Therapy, the rehabilitation facility at our Stockbridge location provides pertinent testing including the Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCEs) and the Permanent Partial Disability Rating to determine a patient’s eligibility for the Worker’s Compensation program and Disability Insurance.

Effective Injury, Orthopedic, and Sports Rehabilitation

If you live in or around the Stockbridge area and you are searching for effective injury, orthopedic, or sports rehabilitation, the dedicated professionals at Sovereign Rehabilitation invite you to call us at phone number(770) 474-9514 or contact us online. We are confident that there’s a safe solution that will strengthen your body and help you advance to the next level of wellness.