Atlanta Physical Therapy For Adolescent/Teen

girl during physical therapy Sovereign Rehabilitation is pleased to offer physical therapy and rehabilitation treatment to Adolescents and Teens in Atlanta and the surrounding areas. We are a provider of comprehensive physical and rehabilitation therapy with locations conveniently located throughout the Atlanta area. We are privileged to have a number of licensed physical manual and hand therapists on our staff who are specially trained to work with adolescents and teens.

Our children’s physical therapy programs focus on maximizing a child’s ability to functionally move through and interact with his or her environment. Balance, strength and coordination are areas typically addressed in our adolescent/teen rehabilitation therapy programs. We offer the latest treatment and sport-specific solutions for all young athletes looking to get back into the game better, stronger and faster.

Adolescent/Teen Rehabilitation Experts

Injuries and physical issues can become a concern during the adolescent and teenage years because the body is still growing. Adolescents who participate in organized sports can be more prone to accidents and over-use injuries because their bones, muscles and tendons are still developing. If your child has been injured, we will partner with him or her and their physician to design and implement a treatment plan that follows physician’s orders and meets your child’s personal goals. Parental education and training are an essential component of all of our adolescent/teen therapy programs.

Effective Treatment For Children Post Surgery or Serious Illness

In addition, Sovereign Rehabilitation offers effective treatment for children post surgery or serious illness. Our children’s rehabilitation programs are tailored for each specific child and focus on helping him or her to return to normal function and a normal quality of life after surgery or a serious illness.

At Sovereign Rehabilitation, we make life feel better. If you would like to get more information about our children’s physical therapy programs or to schedule an appointment, please contact our Atlanta Physical Therapy for Teen/Adolescent Experts or call one of our area locations today.