Atlanta Headache Treatment

For comprehensive headache treatment in Atlanta, Georgia, you can count on the dedicated professionals from Sovereign Rehabilitation. We are a comprehensive physical therapy and rehabilitation company with multiple offices located throughout the greater Atlanta metropolitan area. Sovereign Rehabilitation features a team of licensed, certified manual, physical and occupational therapists that specialize in improving the quality of life for patients who suffer from cluster and migraine headaches. Our individualized rehabilitation treatments plans are designed to treat current headache symptoms and to prevent future headaches. Using the most innovative treatments available, our experienced therapists are able to achieve amazing results for our valued patients.

Migraine Headache Treatment and Therapy

Sovereign Rehabilitation is pleased to offer expert migraine headache treatment and therapy to the residents of the greater Atlanta Metropolitan area. At Sovereign Rehabilitation, we understand how painful and debilitating cluster and migraine headaches can be. Our licensed physical and manual therapists offer a variety of therapeutic treatment options for patients who suffer from cluster or migraine headaches including manual therapy, dry needling, therapeutic massage, muscle energy techniques, neuromuscular reeducation and electrophysiological agents and more. Using these advanced and innovative treatments, we are able to achieve dramatic results for our patients who suffer from cluster or migraine headaches.

Effective Therapy for Patients Suffering From Cluster Headaches and Migraine Headaches

If you suffer from cluster and/or migraine headaches and are looking for an effective therapy, we invite you to experience the Sovereign Rehabilitation difference! At Sovereign Rehabilitation, we make life feel better! You do not have to continue to suffer from cluster or migraine headaches. Instead, contact our Atlanta Headache Treatment Specialists or call one of our area locations today so we can get started on an individualized rehabilitation plan. We look forward to helping you live and feel better!